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Mountain bike park recommended by off-road cyclists

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Whistler Mountain Bike Park

According to statistics, more than 100000 Mountain bike enthusiasts come to Whistler Mountain bike Park from May to September every year, while the total population of Whistler is less than 10000. So, during our days in Whistler, we have seen numerous mountain players every day, regardless of gender, age, and time (as if they don't have to work, enviable).

When riding the cableway up the mountain, I unexpectedly encountered several tourists from China, including a young man and three elderly people. They were fully armed and were pushing DH bikes to ride up the mountain. At first glance, they were people who had no experience riding DH bikes because they were still wearing leather shoes. However, there is no need to worry. The track in Whistler Mountain Park has a clear difficulty classification. Each route has its own name and color classification. Green represents the simplest route, blue represents the intermediate route, black represents the advanced route, and the route overlapped by two spades represents the most difficult route. The most interesting thing is that the routes here are not always the same. Every time you go to a resting place, there are different route options available, which is really exciting.


Even if you don't bring a car, it's okay. The square at the foot of the mountain is surrounded by bike shops, and most of them have bicycle rental services. DH cars, full helmets, armor and other products are all available, very convenient. During my few days in Whistler, I happened to encounter a weekend, and many office workers from the surrounding cities of Whistler also joined the cycling army in DH. Those with less experience would choose to sign up for teaching classes. Therefore, various training venues are also prepared in the mountain park, from the simplest crossing of a single wooden bridge to a flying platform, with experienced drivers providing guidance, which of course requires payment. On the way, I met a teaching class with a uniform group of women, some of whom seemed to be in their 50s. However, their enthusiasm for practicing flying platforms was really high, and I had to marvel that women were also crazy.


Although there are many cyclists, this place is also a model of harmonious coexistence between the environment, animals, and people. Even before I went to Whistler, someone told me that I might encounter bears and other animals. Sure enough, I did encounter bears several times in the past few days. Most of them were mother bears and baby bears foraging, and they were only a hundred meters away from the foot of the mountain. Both parties did not disturb each other and lived in harmony. However, when you encounter a bear, it's better to dodge as soon as possible, safety first.

Reason for recommendation:

Whistler, a small town about 120 kilometers north of Vancouver, is a beautiful mountain resort with many European style buildings, making it also famous for its beautiful scenery; Little Switzerland; The good name of. Whistler is surrounded by Black Comb Mountain and Whistler Mountain Mountain, thus creating unique conditions for it to become the largest Mountain bike park in North America.

Park transportation:

Fly from China to Vancouver first, then choose self driving or public transportation to Whistler. The most convenient way is to rent a car and drive through AVIS, which only takes two hours by car, passing through the scenic Sea to Sky Highway along the way; At the same time, there are buses to Whistler in Vancouver every day, with dense schedules; There are also Whistler Resort Cabs specifically operated between the airport and Whistler; Alternatively, you can choose to take the Wheeler Sea to Sky Climb train from Rocky Mountaineer Company, with a booking phone number of 1-877-460-3200.

Park accommodation:

All hotels in Whistler can be booked through one booking system, Last Minute Whistler Hotel Deals, with significant price fluctuations. You can browse Deals and Packages and Last Minute Deals on the central booking website. These two options often offer cheaper housing prices. The prices of Deals and Packages are often either discounted or a few nights of stay with one free night or discounts such as breakfast, spa, ski coupons, etc., while Last Minute Deals refers to bookings that can only be made within two weeks, and usually the room rate is sold at a discount of 3 to 50% off the price. The dining area in the park is Garbanzo Bike&Bean, which gathers bike shops from major bicycle brands around the world, providing repair services, and also offering sandwiches and BBQ; Another restaurant is Garibaldi Lift Co., which offers lunch and dinner.


The opening day of Whistler Mountain bike Park in 2015 has not been announced yet, but it basically opens in May every year. At the same time, you can refer to the operation time of Whistler Mountain bike Park last year, from May 16 to October 13.