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What are they riding in the 2023 Women's Tour de France?

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What new cars and new technologies have been used in the Nüzi shijie Tour?


Alexis Renard's look 795 RS

The Kofidis women's team will also take the new Look 795 Blade RS to participate in the Tour de France. With this in mind, we can ensure that the team and drivers use the latest and best kits provided by the sponsors. In terms of new bicycles, we expect the Cofidis women's team to race on the recently released Look 795 Blade RS, as well as the fourth generation Canondale SuperSix Evo LAB71 with EF Education Tibco SVB.


Simon Clark's Factor O2 VAM

Israel's entrepreneurial nation may use the new Factor O2 VAM competition. Drivers from Israel's entrepreneurial country may use the new Factor 02 VAM, which will be used by Simon Clarke of the team in men's races. Whether this counts as a new bike remains to be discussed, but we also want to know if last year's yellow shirt champion, Annemiek van Vleuten of the Movistar Team, will participate in the updated Canyon Aeroad CFR race that Mathieu van der Poel has been using this season.

Mathieu-van-der-Poel-2023-Tour-de-France-bike--Aeroad-CFR-MVDP7-7b5cafb.jpgCanyon Aeroad CFR for MVDP